Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in review.

Happy New Year, welcome 2012!

This year seemed to have flown by at times, and at others it was in slow motion.
It was a good year.

I am too lazy to do a post filled with pics so this'll have to do.

I started January last year with snowshoeing in the winter wonderland that surrounded us {sadly not the case this year, no snow yet this December}. My darling little nephew Odin was born a couple weeks later, he's a barrel of laughs and I can't get enough of his chubby cheeks.
The month ended with a bit of a fender bender with a dog and me feeling horrible.

Thank goodness February started out with a relaxing weekend to Park City with a good friend, just what the Doctor ordered. Later on in the month I took a trip to 
San Francisco to see my brother and his darling family and see my brother play lacrosse.
It was truly splendid...I love those little nieces of mine and the California sunshine was much 
welcomed in the drear of February.

March was filled with baking new recipes, a minor wax mishap, a color festival at the Hare Krishna temple and watching the Real play some great soccer.

April started out the month with a 5k with some of my cousins which we were 
hoping for in warmer weather, but nonetheless we had a grand time.
Got hit on with some interesting pick-up lines such as this one and this one along 
with some good and not-so-good dates.
I started a hip-hop class with some friends and loved dancing my tuesday evening away.
Easter traditions with the family is how the month ended.

During May the sun barely starting coming out...not much of a spring.
A road-trip to Colorado to help my brothers move home turned out to be not all work, we squeezed in some hiking and relaxing. I was ecstatic to go to my first U2 concert.  It was a dream come true and I was elated for weeks after.  

In June my brothers and I decided to have a paella cook-off and see who's paella was the best
amongst the judges.  Peter won, which the other two refuse to accept.  
With a cousin in town from Jersey we decided to take her to gem of 
it went surprisingly well.  The last weekend in June was
very busy with my brother's sealing, a baptism and baby blessing.

The 4th of July was kicked off by running the 5k Freedom Run in downtown Provo, a family bbq, and fireworks.  The month was busy with all of the things I love about summer: pool time, shaved ice, 
bbq's, movies under the stars and evening walks

August found all of the family together from everywhere so family pictures were in order. 
Since summer was on its way out squeezing some tennis time was a must. 
As usual I have impeccable timing for all things including vacation time
fit in all of the things I love including my first time at the U.S. Open...dream come true!

With one last summer holiday {Labor Day} I returned from NYC and a few days later packed my 

As soon as the October crisp air hit, I was ecstatic for all things autumn, including the Sundance Moon lift ride with good friends...a must around these parts. Another must is the Witche's Night Out at Gardner Village. I then went on a quick trip to San Francisco with my cousin and parents where we enjoyed all that the Indian summer offered. Halloween was a superhero good time with friends and I'm thinking each year should be a theme with friends.

November was a whirlwind month with some unexpected events such as my dad's health scare any my nonna's passing, but in light of it all it was good and what a blessing to have the family I do. Before I knew it Thanksgiving was around the corner.  I had a great time helping set the table, helping in the kitchen, watching movies and relaxing.

December always comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I wish I could hold it in my hand a bit more, but such is life.  It was a great month with the traditional visit to Temple Square, a wonderful birthday celebration, many holiday gatherings with friends and a great Christmas with my family.

Usually when I reflect back on the year I think not much has happened or changed.
But one of the sole reasons I started blog journaling was to have something to look 
back on and see the events, progression and what I can work on for the upcoming year.

I am super excited about a new year.
I love a new year, it's a clean slate with new dreams and goals.
 Here's to 2012!

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