Thursday, January 27, 2011


So today was one of those days in the history of Bev I'd like to take a pill and completely forget.

My brother has a term that he and his friends use. They say they're broken when they're having one of those days, weeks or however long the span of time is, when it all seems to go wrong and one ends the day feeling broken. I can safely say it's been one of those weeks for me. Thank goodness the week is just about done though.

The reader's digest version, because that's how long it took for the incident to happen is this.

I was driving to work, while listening to NPR...yes I still listen and I know I'm a geek...when a little white, furry and cute puppy darted out in front of me. There was no time to hit the brakes because that's how fast it happened. Before I knew it my car hit the dog with full force and I heard and felt the most horrific sounds, and then I saw a white ball of fluff fly across my car into the middle of the street.

This was followed by me screaming and then sobbing. I have to tell you, I am not an animal lover, never have been. But I would never ever hurt an animal on purpose.

Needless to say I was and still am a bit traumatized. Some poor family is out there mourning the loss of their little white fluff of fun, meanwhile I'm feeling like a dog killer.

The officer assured me it wasn't my fault and said it's a dog owner's responsibility to always keep their dogs on leashes. But I gotta say it didn't really comfort me too much.

I am ready for a new week.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowshoeing in a Snow Globe

I started off new year's day with some snowshoeing in the fresh snow. It was a perfect way to start the year and I felt like I was in some sort of surreal snow globe because it was so beyond beautiful up Provo Canyon.
A fun video of my brother and I. What are brother's good for if they can't tease you right?

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear Mr. Flowers,

You're video is cheesy, I mean you had to have Charlize Theron save your butt from scary ninja's--that's just weak sauce right there.

But it's okay, I'll forgive you this time because I think I'm in love with your voice and this song plus you're not too shabby lookin' either.

Yours truly,


Monday, January 17, 2011

An auntie again!

I'm an auntie again and this time to my first nephew, super excited!

Odin Adolfo Santamaria arrived on January 14th at 5:15 p.m. 6 pounds, 15 ounces, 18 and a half inches long with big eyes, chubby cheeks and lots of dark hair.

Can't wait to spoil another kid.

Welcome to the fam Odin!

Friday, January 14, 2011


I feel like the creative juices have just stopped flowing. I have not been in the blogging mood, most likely because it's January and the dead of winter is upon us and it's so darn cold I want to scream, and I'm sick of there not being light and warmth all over me.

Let me tell you what else I'm sick of, not finding parking spots at work, so I have to walk what seems like forever in the cold, and today there was not ice, but puddles so my feet got soaked and I can't seem to get warm.

Wow I sound like a downer. I promise I'm not, but it's winter that I think has us all in a blah kind of mood. The fun holidays are over and the thought of cold until about May{because let's be honest it's Utah and it'll probably still be snowing then}makes me want to cringe!

On the upside it is a three day weekend, oh bless those 3 day weekends and I have some fun things planned...hopefully some more snowshoeing{my favorite thing to do in the winter}.

There's also a little nephew that should be born any minute now...can't wait to meet the little guy!

So really I just need to get out of my blah winter gloom mood and think that soon it'll be warm again and I'll be soaking up the rays and getting back to a semi-normal shade of skin color versus this yellow tone I've been sporting.

Alright enough venting.

Happy 3 day weekend!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in review

A little review of the last year. It's mostly for me to look back on and recall things, but if you want to read through a long post, I'll know you are either really bored or amazing friends!

Here's a little recap of 2010.

January began the new year with one of my goals for the new year accomplished, which was to learn how to ski. I finally conquered my fear and can finally feel like a true Utahn. Being the long winter months I entertained myself with one of my favorite winter sports, snowshoeing, went to lots of movies like Avatar and got even a little wild with getting bangs cut--my first time since being in grade school. February in the midst of winter gloom we brightened it up with a paella party, a girls night out for the big V-day to the most delicious restaurant-- Communal-- in Provo. Of course how could I forget the whirlwind wedding that was organized and took place at my parents place with 4 hours notice. March was a blur to be honest, probably because I was in such desperate need of warmth and sunlight.
April began with my family's traditional Easter at my uncles home. I had been in dire need of a little rest and relaxation, so a couple of friends and I decided to head south for some sun and fun in St. George. We hiked Angel's Landing in Zion and did some fabulous shopping in Las Vegas. It was just what I needed before starting summer school in May for my last math class to be able to graduate. May was my brother's wedding reception{this time with more than 4 hours of prep time} and it turned out to be beautiful. For Labor day I decided to take a quick trip to San Diego to see my friend Leyah. We spent our time at the beach, driving the coast, going to a Padre's game and soaking up the sun. June was a very busy month with school, work, and a quick weekend trip to my friend's cabin at Fish Lake{my saving grace that month}, thank you Suz. I took my very last final for math and passed with a B, a miracle thanks to the wierdest{and smelliest}math teacher from New Zealand and the grace of God. I was done with school and officially graduated!
July started off with a family trip to San Francisco for the 4th of July. We made sure to cram in all my favorites while there, Muir Woods, downtown SF, Stinson beach and wine country. The lazy summer months were savored with tennis, bbq's, boating on Utah Lake, rodeo's, outdoor concerts, & hikes to beautiful water falls. August I got to visit a new city, a new found favorite, thank you Chicago and Cathy for being an amazing hostess to us gals. I loved the windy city, the pie pizza, the architecture and seeing all the security in town for Obama's arrival. September was the winding down of summer. I went to the Utah state fair, which I hadn't been since I was in grade school, learned how to make pie from scratch, thank you Mrs. Brett and went to a BYU football game, a first in a long time for me{thank you Peter for letting me know when exactly to cheer}.
October was kicked off with General Conference, the best way to start off a month. I love autumn and all it entails. The month was filled with drives up the canyon to see the fall foliage, corn mazes, haunted forests and all the yummy fall treats that I look forward to each year. The end of October I went to Washington D.C. for work with my friend Leyah. We definately mixed business with pleasure. We crammed in all the amazing sights D.C. had to offer in the week we were there. That weekend was Halloween so we hopped on a bus and headed to NYC for some more fun. We celebrated my good friend Malia's birthday and headed to the Cathedral of St. John the divine for a silent movie and a costume show of sorts. It was great to see the fall colors in central park, a first for me there that time of year. November came and went in the blink of an eye. But I was glad I got to spend Thanksgiving at home with family and all the traditional foods and activities. December also flew by with getting ready for Christmas, holiday parties, ice skating, Christmas concerts, reuniting with old friends, and lastly getting to see my dearest friend Brett get married{a big congrats to two amazing people}. I got to relax over the Christmas break, spending hours with my pj's on and not feeling a bit guilty about it.
And now onto 2011!