Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

Some pictures from Christmas morning and
evening for our annual Christmas party at my uncles place with
the extended family.
^^My nephew hamming it up as usual. 
 ^^Traditional Christmas brunch at my parents.
 ^^Cousins and best of friends.
 ^^Sister-in-law love.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve dinner at my mom's is a long standing tradition that
we've had for years. We get together with my mom's sister and her family,
have a delicious ham dinner with all the yummy sides and
then we exchange gifts between both families.

It's always loud, there's always chaos, and
there's lots of laughter and jokes around the table.
This year was no exception. We had fun catching up,
and enjoying the Christmas spirit.
^^My brother Mark and his darling little family.
^^What's a Christmas party without all the treats right!
^^My mom, brother Michael and I.
 ^^Newest member of the family, my nephew Mason.
^^Dad getting in some more ham time.
^^My brother Peter and his wife.
 ^^My dad and I showed up looking like twins.
 ^^This little niece of mine keeps me smiling!
^^Grandma getting in as much snuggle time with Mason.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Putting up holiday cheer with the roomies.

 photo 61A06AFF-40F0-424F-B139-9F92108D5BF7.jpg
 photo 5B32B2E5-6DB8-4FEB-9AED-624EA2FFF539.jpg
 photo 76B3C8FC-3AF7-4D6A-8953-BA621EA07A70.jpg
 photo 07D52CAD-AD88-4C57-949F-C25A4C1CA527.jpg
 photo D69EE494-FB28-485C-A3D3-9016B4ACFB47.jpg
 photo 8962A0C5-8205-4D32-BBD4-48B1418C2227.jpg
 photo C4236D4E-8858-4668-B23C-2F7EE2E14C59.jpg
Last week the roomies and I finally decorated the house.

It's so cozy and cheery around here now that it
makes it hard to want to leave the house...
especially with the cold temps outside.

A night in has been winning the votes!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As of late...

 photo 3F9BBD1B-5480-4123-A46F-FAFC492F8467.jpg photo 151FCDF8-92B0-45D3-AF76-6FEB35ECF2C3.jpg
 photo B81572A7-1F75-4928-AF5A-83ED13844E55.jpg photo 9D4A1402-6C7F-40B6-8AD4-DC5A5F5A7BD8.jpg
 photo 7C9EE2C2-D4B5-439B-9ECF-290F6E59E0EA.jpg photo 7722BC50-B801-42E4-A68A-31C6C506F611.jpg
 photo 596E99F6-5919-4A2C-8050-E64E81538AA7.jpg photo 8A131EBA-1317-4878-B2F4-A06B1F41C6C4.jpg
This time of year seems to fly by for me,
October, November & December.

I love these months, there's a holiday
{I know Halloween isn't official, but in my book it is}
each month.

I can't believe it's December,
and the craziness of all the Holiday season is here.
This year I'm trying to ignore the annoying commercialism
of Christmas and rather enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

Some instagram's from the past few weeks:
1 & 2. Eating at a delicious tapas restaurant in Vegas/Vegas by night.
3 & 4. Pie for Thanksgiving/My dad helping make stuffing.
5 & 6. Our first big snowfall last week/My niece helping with the tree lights.
7 & 8. The Christmas tree at my parents place/My adorable new nephew Mason with his older brother Odin.