Friday, May 17, 2013

As of late...

 photo E62C678C-E8C5-4C53-87C2-63FC8DE72C86-2831-000003E191D83379.jpg photo 99843AD4-075E-40C4-86CF-32E0F27E4CDC-2858-000003F23BDD5DE8.jpg
 photo FCE318BD-5010-44DE-BE7C-9B3C31C90537-2858-000003F5752B7429.jpg photo A1312D7D-1A6A-4B65-B15C-574A34646947-3343-0000045F10FEA80E.jpg
 photo C39FF0A3-D855-4FE2-96AF-3437468175D8-3343-0000045FA388EA27.jpg photo 3B5C3ECB-DD68-4A49-9FF4-4EF4209795A2-3343-0000045FE1CDF716.jpg
 photo 857B8073-1CC6-4F68-BA3A-38893076DE72-3343-0000046037901337.jpg photo 3EB13C60-DBBD-4C12-9C83-343B122A5748-3343-00000460D55CD176.jpg
 photo 1326A823-ACC9-47B3-9258-34D142A9F9A6-3343-000004610DAD70F1.jpg photo E3169DBE-B157-4EE8-B3FA-CA5A346CD11C-4221-000005ACA0C2D516.jpg
1&2. A day at the park with my nieces/I'm a titch obsessed with Biscoff Spread
3&4. Enjoying a Real Salt Lake soccer game
5&6. Nothing as perfect as a bright blue sky/I bought a bike and have been in heaven with evening bike rides!
7&8. Quaint find on our bike ride adventure/Going to see the horsies
9&10. Our horsie friend/Been waking up to sunlight, it's the best.

Happy weekending!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To Every Mother

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet and loving mother
and to all of the other mothers in this world 
who serve their families day in and day out.

What an amazing example for all of us who will one day be mothers too.

Thank you!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tulip Festival

A few weeks back while my cousin was in town we decided to 
go to the Tulip Festival.  I had heard about it every spring
but never had the time to make it.

It was beautiful! Tulips for days, and the landscape
was beautifully manicured.  We met up with some friends
and made an afternoon of it.

Can't think of a better way 
to welcome spring than walking around gardens with
thousands of colorful flowers to greet you.

 photo IMG_2184.jpg
 photo IMG_2185.jpg
 photo IMG_2186.jpg photo IMG_2189.jpg
 photo IMG_2191.jpg
 photo IMG_2198.jpg
 photo IMG_2200.jpg
 photo IMG_2201-1.jpg
 photo IMG_2203_2.jpg
 photo IMG_2204.jpg
 photo IMG_2219.jpg
 photo IMG_2226.jpg
 photo IMG_2236.jpg
 photo IMG_2237_2.jpg
 photo IMG_2240.jpg
 photo IMG_2247.jpg
 photo IMG_2250.jpg
 photo IMG_2270.jpg
 photo IMG_2271.jpg
 photo IMG_2279.jpg

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saint George's charm & eats.

Lately I've been heading to southern Utah where the temperatures are usually always 
sunny, the landscape is red rock and the eating is good.

Since I've been there more often than usual I've compiled a list of my 
favorite places to eat and shop...always the top of my priority list when vacationing!

* Urban Renewal - A great consignment store that I always walk out of with something unique & fun.
*25 Main Cafe - They have great panini's{the Cubano is my fave}, salads, cupcakes & lots more.
*Anasazi Steakhouse - We found this little gem last year and now I can't go to St. George without going there, the fact that you get to grill your own steak to your liking on a rock is pretty fabulous.
*The Sugar Cookie - We found this just this last time, a recommendation & it lived up to it's hype, the sugar cookies were soft and the frosting's were creamy.
*Nielsen Frozen Custard - It's custard, so you know it's gonna be good.  We got the malted burnt almond fudge in the pint size, let's just say it was not enough!