Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Italy {Cinque Terre}

The morning we arrived to Cinque Terre it was rainy. I was a bit bummed
because I wanted to enjoy the sunshine while exploring all 5 towns.

It ended up being great. The sun would come and go and luckily we
didn't get rained out, which was another fear of mine. Exploring these
five fishing villages was absolutely amazing. You can either hop on and off 
the train that takes you to each village or hike a path that has been used
by shepherds since those towns were established way back in the day. The
villages are only made for walking or riding bicycles.

Unfortunately because of construction of those paths we had no choice but 
to take the train to each town. It worked out great for us, since we only had the day
to explore Cinque Terre.  It was stunning and I hope to go back one day
and be able to explore each town with more leisure.
^^You can see some of the path from one village to the next.
^^Pesto! What Cinque Terre is famous for, pesto originated in this region.
^^My calves were so sore the next day from all the stairs in these villages.
^^This little boy melted my heart, so cute.
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