Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Winter Essentials

Growing up in a mountainous region really makes you keenly aware
of what your winter essentials are to survive the long months ahead.
I think everyone knows what they can
do without and what are the must-haves.  These are just a few
of the items that every year I realize I can't do without:

1. A good pair of gloves, I especially love the ones that can be a mitten
and then folded back to use your fingers like this pair from J.Crew.

2. A pufffer coat, this is not a luxury in my book, but more of an essential. It gets frigid
here and the last thing you need is to feel all that cold air permeating your body. There are puffers that
are expensive, but you can still find good quality for much less like this Gap one.

3. A good moisturizer. It is so dry here that without constantly lathering up my hands
they can easily crack or without a good chapstick my lips get chapped as well. So I take all
precautions and buy a good lotion like Eucerin and make sure my hands and body are lathered up.

4. Snow boots.  I didn't used to own a pair, until recently and wow what a difference! My leather boots 
would get ruined every year without fail. Now when the snow falls, I have waterproof, shearling lined
boots to walk around in and my leather boots are thankful to take the back seat!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Good Reads

Winter is definitely the time I read more than the summer when I try to 
spend most of my free time enjoying the sunshine.  I've compiled a list of
some books I've read lately that I liked enough to reccommend.


The Glass Castle: Such a compelling book that had me laughing, crying and cringing and baffled all within a chapter. It's a memoir of author Jeannette Walls and recounts her dysfunctional childhood with mentally unstable parents, moving around like vagabonds, and living in poverty.  It's a touching book that gives you a glimpse into what an unstable childhood must feel like.

The Paris Wife: I didn't know much about Ernest Hemingway when I picked up this book. The book is a novel about Ernest's first wife Hadley and her marriage to Hemingway.  The book made me feel like a fly on the wall of a married couple's marriage, which at times was uncomfortable but so interesting in that it describes her love for him, her insecurities in their marriage because of his infidelities and his passion for writing. A good read, but when I put it down I couldn't stop thinking about how it ended.

To Heaven and Back: A memoir of a doctor and her experience with dying while on a river in Chile. She recounts her recollection of going to heaven and coming back and how it completely changes her perspective on every day life. It was inspiring to read and makes you think about how each day we live is precious.

Unbroken: Before the movie came out I read the book. There are no words to describe what Louis Zamperinni, an Olympian and POW survivor went through in his life and actually survived. The book is so well written and detailed that it makes you feel like you are living it yourself.  There were times that I felt physically exhausted reading it and had to put it down for a minute before continuing on.  I absolutely loved this book. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you start reading it asap.

Wild: Author Cheryl Strayed recounts her experience leaving her entire life behind and going solo on a journey to find herself on the Pacific Crest Trail. At times I'm not sure if I admire her for being brave to do this journey alone or plain stupid.  Either way it is respectful that she decided to make the journey on her own and have that sacred experience alone and getting to know herself better.

I'm always up for a good book recommendation and would love to hear about them!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As of late..

The last couple months seem like a blur. Has anyone ever had the experience
where you drive somewhere like work, the grocery store or wherever else and 
your mind was so preoccupied that you literally don't know how you got from point
a to point b? That's what November and December were like for me, especially December and here's why...

I was offered a new job and needed to make a decision between two offers, my good friend
got married, I helped organize a charity event for children with cancer, holiday parties, 
Christmas shopping, baking, family traditions, friend traditions and 
by the end of it I was exhausted. I'm not complaining because they were all 
good things to be spending my time with, I just can't believe it's a new year.

As mentioned previously I've started a new job with a different company.  This week I've 
been training and am excited to start off the year with new possibilities and opportunities
not only with a job but making new goals for myself.

I plan on getting back to posting more often, but right now I'm just
trying to catch my breath from all the madness.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!
 ^^Impromptu family photos.
^^Good friends at the wedding.
^^Top photo: Friends that helped volunteer at the charity event
Bottom photo: The venue
 ^^Temple Square
^^Birthday celebrating with the most beautiful cake my brother made.
 ^^Baked so many cookies
^^Gave away cookie jars to friends filled with goodies
 My sweet mom knit us all beenies and scarves, shes' amazing