Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Winter Essentials

Growing up in a mountainous region really makes you keenly aware
of what your winter essentials are to survive the long months ahead.
I think everyone knows what they can
do without and what are the must-haves.  These are just a few
of the items that every year I realize I can't do without:

1. A good pair of gloves, I especially love the ones that can be a mitten
and then folded back to use your fingers like this pair from J.Crew.

2. A pufffer coat, this is not a luxury in my book, but more of an essential. It gets frigid
here and the last thing you need is to feel all that cold air permeating your body. There are puffers that
are expensive, but you can still find good quality for much less like this Gap one.

3. A good moisturizer. It is so dry here that without constantly lathering up my hands
they can easily crack or without a good chapstick my lips get chapped as well. So I take all
precautions and buy a good lotion like Eucerin and make sure my hands and body are lathered up.

4. Snow boots.  I didn't used to own a pair, until recently and wow what a difference! My leather boots 
would get ruined every year without fail. Now when the snow falls, I have waterproof, shearling lined
boots to walk around in and my leather boots are thankful to take the back seat!

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