Monday, June 28, 2010

The Graduate

{Me and my madre at a fantastic graduation party my mom threw me. She really is happy, she just forgot to smile apparently!}

I was supposed to be the graduating student with a BA in Integrated Studies the summer of 2008.

The key word being supposed to.

How do I put into words the last two years of my life and what happened?

I shall attempt.

For some reason I seem to always pick the path less walked on, the difficult road. It's been like this all of my life, since I can remember. If there was something that seemed difficult or a challenge, I was and still am the first to want to conquer it. I get annoyed with myself because I wish I would just choose the path that is safe and walked on quite a bit.

Perhaps I would be bored if I were to do that.

The story goes like this. I had put off college for years. I had spent my early 20's traveling the world--a passion I still have.

One day I decided, after being laid off from a job, that it was time to finish college and so my journey with school began.

I changed my degree numerous times and finally decided on Integrated Studies.

Integrated Studies meant that you could choose two areas of your interest and morph them into a degree that is custom fit for you.

While in that program I changed my emphasis twice.

Integrated Studies is the only degree at UVU that required you to write a thesis for a bachelor's.

How typical of me to choose the one degree that would require a long and boring thesis.

Long story short, I had too many odd stumbling blocks along the way to recount. I had to retake one of my intro to thesis writing classes due to the fact that I had changed my emphasis.

Delay #1.

After almost a year of writing this paper I defended it and finally was done with it.

That would be delay #2--it was supposed to take a semester, yeah right!

Then the big one...MATH. The only 2 classes left to graduate.

Oh my woes with math--I can't begin to tell you.

Math was the huge thorn in my side, the boulder, or mountain that seemed impossible to pass and the money sucker. I estimate I spent about $4000 dollars on math alone at UVU.

After being mentally drained from my thesis I had to muster up the energy to pass math.

I got tutors, and failed college algebra.

I took the course online at BYU.


And finally this past December after many heartfelt prayers to my Heavenly Father and a blessing, I decided it was time to start from scratch at UVU.

I spoke to my advisor, math advisors and they decided to start me in a math program that would help me pass the first math class required with one on one help from them.

I passed. Hallelujah!

Then in May I began my last math class.

I passed. There are no words to describe the sense of joy I felt.

Last Wednesday as I walked out of the graduation office and was told that I was done and my diploma would be mailed to me in August tears came streaming down my cheeks.

I sat on the lawn of the courtyard at school and sobbed.

Tears of gratitude, tears of joy, tears of a chapter of my life being closed and anticipation for the next chapter of my life to begin.

I once heard a beautiful analogy of how our lives are like a big, beautiful tapestry.

On one side of the tapestry are all the strings tied in knots, intertwining with other colors, frayed edges and it looks like a big mess.

But in reality God is guiding that needle to where it needs to be, tying knots, combining different colors and in the end He is weaving a beautiful tapestry if we let him.

The past two years have been quite possibly some of the most difficult times I've been through and not just with school, but in many other areas as well.

But I have learned to let God lead me a bit more, to let him guide the needle, to tie the knots where needed and trust in His will.

I am nowhere near perfect, and there are so many things that I have yet to learn, but I am slowly learning the ropes.

I am excited for the next phase of my life. There are lots of changes to be happening. I'm applying for work in and out of state and we'll see where I end up going.

I couldn't be happier with the journey I've been on thus far and anticipate what lies ahead.

The world is mine!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fish Lake

I've been a bit too busy and a bit too stressed lately--mainly due to my last class{ever} & graduating. So when my friend Suz mentioned going to her family cabin at Fish Lake, I didn't blink twice about going.

It was nice to relax with good friends, breathe in some fresh air, look at the amazing stars at night, roast mallows, eat to our heart's content and laugh.

I've been lucky to have been a guest at her cozy family cabin many times and this time was just as wonderful and memorable as all the others.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts swirling in my head today.

Driving to work I saw a beautiful man running. As I was admiring what a beauty he was he spit--but the loogie aka spit infused with mucus just dribbled down the side of his arm. I litterally gagged and was beyond turned off.

June 30th needs to hurry and get here. My life will feel so much less stressful and I can scream freedom{I'll fill ya in on that later}at the top of my lungs.

I can NOT believe what a psycho one of the bachelor's on The Bachelorette is. The wierdo tattooed himself to prove his love to this girl.

I'm a bit obsessed with mangos lately--just the perfect ripened mango tastes so refreshingly sweet & good.

Is anyone else but me enjoying all the eye candy that the World Cup offers? I'm particularly fond of Mr. Carlos Bocanegra. Oh yes and the sport itself is pretty great too.

I'm so tired of hearing all the politics that involve the BP oil spill. Poor earth of ours. Makes me sick hearing about all damage done.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Ten-World Cup

I'm not a sports fanatic--at all. Ask anyone who knows me well, I have no clue about American football among many other sports.

But when it comes to soccer {aka as futbol to the rest of the world} I love watching.

This next month will be great to see some games.

Go U.S.A!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunny Side Up

Memorial day weekend found me in sunny southern California visiting my dear friend Leyah in San Diego
with a dabble of Los Angeles for a day.

Some great highlights of the trip:

Weird man on beach serenading me in Espanol. Santana's. My first baseball game--go Padres.
5k on the beach barefoot. Pancake breakfast while watching surfers. 8 hour day on beach. Venice beach.
Garlic knots. Muscle beach freaks. Butting in line to pee{just about peed my pants}--thank you kind people.
LA temple. Malibu Pier. Shrek 3. Amazing spinach cheesy eggs.

I love get-aways where 3 days feel like a week and you come back to the daily grind refreshed & rejuvenated.