Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts swirling in my head today.

Driving to work I saw a beautiful man running. As I was admiring what a beauty he was he spit--but the loogie aka spit infused with mucus just dribbled down the side of his arm. I litterally gagged and was beyond turned off.

June 30th needs to hurry and get here. My life will feel so much less stressful and I can scream freedom{I'll fill ya in on that later}at the top of my lungs.

I can NOT believe what a psycho one of the bachelor's on The Bachelorette is. The wierdo tattooed himself to prove his love to this girl.

I'm a bit obsessed with mangos lately--just the perfect ripened mango tastes so refreshingly sweet & good.

Is anyone else but me enjoying all the eye candy that the World Cup offers? I'm particularly fond of Mr. Carlos Bocanegra. Oh yes and the sport itself is pretty great too.

I'm so tired of hearing all the politics that involve the BP oil spill. Poor earth of ours. Makes me sick hearing about all damage done.


  1. Casey's voice has always freaked me out! He should dub voices for really creepy cartoon characters!

    LOL about the loogie. NASTY!!


  2. I love that you love the World Cup. I love that you love the men of the World Cup. As do I.

    And I love mangos!!! We've been buying the yummy yellow ones from Costco and love slurping up their sweet goodness.

    And I am also tired of all the crap with the oil spill. Just take responsibility and clean the dang mess up already.