Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cute little mugs.

My brother and his darling family decided to 
come into town and surprise my parents.

It's been fun spending time with these cute 
little nieces and nephew of mine.
They repeatedly crack me up.
They always have something 
up their sleeves.

My niece Caia is obsessed 
with gum and knows 
Aunt Bevie always has 'chicle'
as she likes to ask, she's
also been posing with her
hands next her face
and says it's her
'angel' face.

Just a few of the hilarious moments this week, 
I wouldn't trade them in for anything!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is in the air...

Love this outfit{although I would be wearing a slip}...
it screams spring to me,
and I do love spring!

I'll be honest since I 
came back from the cruise 
I've been doing everything
in my power to not 
have to put those
winter clothes back on.

I've been doing a good job 
of that because the 
weather in Utah 
has been magnificent.
Let's just hope it stays that way.

I've been conjuring up
all the spring/summer
clothes I want...
my wish list if you will.
Next week I'll have
to post a few of my favorites.

Image found here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Island Hopping Part 2

It seems like the second half of vacations
are always the best...
at least for me.
You're finally truly
relaxed and can really
absorb it all.

The third port was St. Thomas, 
part of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
We had each heard that there was a smaller island, 
St. John's, taken by ferry that was
not to be missed.
We heard the beaches 
were more secluded
and that the quaintness of 
the island was authentic.

So to St. John's we went.  
Truly it was a gem.
We went to Trunk Bay 
and it lived up to the paradise I'd dreamed of.
The beaches were practically
barren, the water was so clear I 
could see my feet, & the sand, 
oh bless that sand it was so soft 
& cushiony I could sleep on it. 
We had arrived to paradise.

We snorkeled and I kept snapping pictures
both with my camera and mentally.
But the pictures don't do it justice.
We were so happy we went to the beaches on 
St. John's instead of the touristy filled
beaches of St. Thomas.

Our fourth and last port was
Grand Turk.
The weather was exquisite.  We decided to 
just soak up the beach and sun instead of 
touring the island.
Coincidentally as we were
playing in the ocean we saw
our cute cabin steward Florian walking by.
We invited him to join us for the day.

We had so much fun on the cruise.
I don't remember the last time I just
kicked back and really relaxed 
like I did that week.
Most travel excursions are filled
with walking, sight seeing and 
getting back to the hotel 
with blisters.
And though I will always like to travel 
that way, I think there will
always be room for 
a relaxing vacation
where the staff pampers you, 
where there is any type of food 
you want to eat, 
and where your hotel
follows you along your 

I can now say I'm a cruisin' fan!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Island Hopping Part 1

I can't say enough about how much
I absolutely loved
the Caribbean,
let alone being pampered
on the cruise.

It was great to go to different places
while having our hotel move
along with us.

We ate to our hearts content,
got a spa package and
did steam room treatments daily,
layed by the pool,
watched movies under the stars,
and truly let go and relax.

Our first stop was in the Bahamas,
on the island of Eleuthera.
We spent most of the day
laying out, reading, swimming,
and of course eating.

After a day at sea,
we ported on the island of
St. Maarten, an island
that has two countries on it.
One side is Dutch, the other French.

We explored the Dutch side first.
Did some shopping, ate some local food,
took lots of pics, and overall
were just trying to soak up the
beautiful colors and culture.

We then took a taxi to the French
side of the island.
It was by far the most entertaining taxi
ride I've ever encountered.
Our taxi driver Rolando
was hilarious and loved how I
jokingly said his name by rolling my r's
like a true latina.
By the end of that ride he was
trying to figure out a way to visit Utah.
Truly hilarious!

On the French side we mostly did eating,
we'd heard that the cuisine was not to be missed.
I ordered red snapper and loved all the
spices and flavors that were new to my palette.

After a long day we went back to the ship
and were excited to eat all the yummy
food offered in the dining area.

I must say I am a new fan of cruises,
a great way to enjoy new places
while relieving you of the stress
of where to eat and hotels.