Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little jaunt up the canyon.

My brothers invited me to join them and their
dogs on a hike a couple weekends ago.

We went to a fairly popular hike in our area
up Provo Canyon to Stewart Falls.
It was gorgeous as usual and it
makes me wonder why I'm not up there
every weekend enjoying the beautiful landscape
and refreshing waterfall at the end of the hike.
It's the perfect retreat from the chaos that is life.

Now that would be a good habit to start.

 photo IMG_3617.jpg
 photo IMG_3619-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3631.jpg
 photo IMG_3632-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3637-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3644.jpg
 photo IMG_3648.jpg photo IMG_3649.jpg
 photo IMG_3658.jpg photo IMG_3662.jpg
 photo IMG_3668.jpg
 photo IMG_3672.jpg
 photo IMG_3677.jpg
 photo IMG_3681.jpg
 photo IMG_3682.jpg
 photo IMG_3687.jpg
 photo IMG_3689.jpg
 photo IMG_3691.jpg
 photo IMG_3731.jpg
 photo IMG_3744.jpg
 photo IMG_3747.jpg
 photo IMG_3750.jpg

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I've got my sights on...

Southeast Asia!

I'm heading to Thailand and Hong Kong next month and
I couldn't be more thrilled!

The ol' passport was getting dusty and it was 
time to get it back out again.

I really can't wait especially since my life lately 
has been bombarded with work coming out of my 
ears and just the hectic busyness that life is.

I'm not only eager to get to see these 
beautiful places but to also disconnect from
my laptop, phone, emails, and to just
take a step back and breath.

If anyone has been there and have any recommendations
please send them my way!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 4th of July!

Last 4th of July our family was on vacation in San Francisco {which was fabulous!},
but I gotta say I absolutely love being in Provo for the 4th.

There is such a quant small-town feel to all of the festivities that go on
from the parade to the cute shops set up downtown with smells of food filling the air &
all sorts of things to look at and buy, to then the Stadium of Fire--Provo knows how to
put on an awesome celebration!

This year we did it all! We started our morning off with the parade downtown.
 photo IMG_3222.jpg
 photo IMG_3225.jpg
 photo IMG_3230.jpg
 photo IMG_3241.jpg
 photo IMG_3244.jpg
My sister-in-laws and I headed downtown for some shopping and eating of course.
 photo IMG_3280.jpg
 photo IMG_3282.jpg
 photo IMG_3287.jpg
 photo IMG_3292.jpg photo IMG_3294.jpg
 photo IMG_3297.jpg
 photo IMG_3304.jpg
 photo IMG_3307.jpg
 photo IMG_3316.jpg
The spread at our family BBQ...mmmm everything was delish.
 photo IMG_3318.jpg
Could my niece be any cuter? I think not!
 photo IMG_3319.jpg
 photo IMG_3320.jpg
 photo IMG_3331.jpg
 photo IMG_3344.jpg
 photo IMG_3352.jpg photo IMG_3361.jpg
 photo IMG_3364.jpg
 photo IMG_3371.jpg
 photo IMG_3402.jpg
My niece is an independence day girl, so of course we celebrated her big day as well. That cake above was so good, my brother made it from scratch.
 photo IMG_3368.jpg
At the Stadium of Fire, we were excited for some Kelly Clarkson and Michael was not shy about his crush for Carly Rae.
 photo photo-1-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3425.jpg
 photo IMG_3473.jpg photo IMG_3481.jpg
 photo IMG_3484.jpg photo IMG_3520.jpg
 photo IMG_3508.jpg
 photo IMG_3532.jpg
Fireworks are the best finale to any party in my opinion! Hope everyone had a great 4th too!
So grateful for this great nation I live in.