Sunday, July 28, 2013

A little jaunt up the canyon.

My brothers invited me to join them and their
dogs on a hike a couple weekends ago.

We went to a fairly popular hike in our area
up Provo Canyon to Stewart Falls.
It was gorgeous as usual and it
makes me wonder why I'm not up there
every weekend enjoying the beautiful landscape
and refreshing waterfall at the end of the hike.
It's the perfect retreat from the chaos that is life.

Now that would be a good habit to start.

 photo IMG_3617.jpg
 photo IMG_3619-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3631.jpg
 photo IMG_3632-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3637-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3644.jpg
 photo IMG_3648.jpg photo IMG_3649.jpg
 photo IMG_3658.jpg photo IMG_3662.jpg
 photo IMG_3668.jpg
 photo IMG_3672.jpg
 photo IMG_3677.jpg
 photo IMG_3681.jpg
 photo IMG_3682.jpg
 photo IMG_3687.jpg
 photo IMG_3689.jpg
 photo IMG_3691.jpg
 photo IMG_3731.jpg
 photo IMG_3744.jpg
 photo IMG_3747.jpg
 photo IMG_3750.jpg

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  1. hiking is awesome especially in summer weather. Beautiful pics!