Saturday, August 3, 2013

Park City

Going up to Park City is the perfect remedy when you need
to get away from the valley and need some
small mountain town charm.

We decided to have a girls night and celebrate 
our friend Annika's birthday by
heading up to PC to ride the Alpine coaster 
and then grab some food afterwards.

If you know me you know that I'm terrified of heights and speed.
Knowing that I could control the speed on this ride was
super helpful of my fears, but also super annoying for 
my friends behind me...sorry ladies!

It was fun though and I think I need to head back and do the coaster
one more time, maybe not breaking the whole way down and
then try the zip-line...I am getting all adventurous here!

^^^So scared going up the hill, knowing a speedy downhill awaited me!
I think Utah has some of the prettiest cloudy sunsets.
 ^^^Lucky us we stumbled upon the arts festival in downtown PC {excuse the blurry photo}.
I need to head up to charming PC more often, it's the perfect get-away!

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