Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend in snaps.

 photo 9F3C1511-ACD9-4BDB-B46B-A5AEDF70A401-14637-0000103E8B3685B2.jpg photo C388FF9A-82D0-4893-ABAA-450926D3CC05-14637-0000103EF0CAC180.jpg
 photo EA98C6CF-CB28-4E5A-9B47-00F48B3BB38B-14637-0000103FB1D86348.jpg photo 435270A1-584C-4100-BFC5-ADD18CC89FD2-14637-0000103FBDC4E03B.jpg
 photo 8101BE2F-DCFB-4C8D-8E99-8C5629777C5E-14637-0000103FCA0D8957.jpg photo 32BC0483-B427-454B-826B-2B8CEF6D7C9F-14637-0000103FD7381A19.jpg
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
I was thrilled to have Thursday and Friday off of work.

The weekend was filled with a parade, family BBQ,
walking around festive downtown Provo, watching fireworks
and spending time with my family.
It was the perfect summer weekend!

I'll be posting more photos on my 4th of July later this week.

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