Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saint George's charm & eats.

Lately I've been heading to southern Utah where the temperatures are usually always 
sunny, the landscape is red rock and the eating is good.

Since I've been there more often than usual I've compiled a list of my 
favorite places to eat and shop...always the top of my priority list when vacationing!

* Urban Renewal - A great consignment store that I always walk out of with something unique & fun.
*25 Main Cafe - They have great panini's{the Cubano is my fave}, salads, cupcakes & lots more.
*Anasazi Steakhouse - We found this little gem last year and now I can't go to St. George without going there, the fact that you get to grill your own steak to your liking on a rock is pretty fabulous.
*The Sugar Cookie - We found this just this last time, a recommendation & it lived up to it's hype, the sugar cookies were soft and the frosting's were creamy.
*Nielsen Frozen Custard - It's custard, so you know it's gonna be good.  We got the malted burnt almond fudge in the pint size, let's just say it was not enough!

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