Friday, January 14, 2011


I feel like the creative juices have just stopped flowing. I have not been in the blogging mood, most likely because it's January and the dead of winter is upon us and it's so darn cold I want to scream, and I'm sick of there not being light and warmth all over me.

Let me tell you what else I'm sick of, not finding parking spots at work, so I have to walk what seems like forever in the cold, and today there was not ice, but puddles so my feet got soaked and I can't seem to get warm.

Wow I sound like a downer. I promise I'm not, but it's winter that I think has us all in a blah kind of mood. The fun holidays are over and the thought of cold until about May{because let's be honest it's Utah and it'll probably still be snowing then}makes me want to cringe!

On the upside it is a three day weekend, oh bless those 3 day weekends and I have some fun things planned...hopefully some more snowshoeing{my favorite thing to do in the winter}.

There's also a little nephew that should be born any minute now...can't wait to meet the little guy!

So really I just need to get out of my blah winter gloom mood and think that soon it'll be warm again and I'll be soaking up the rays and getting back to a semi-normal shade of skin color versus this yellow tone I've been sporting.

Alright enough venting.

Happy 3 day weekend!

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