Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A tasty tart.

I've been in the baking mood, all I want to do is stay home from work and make all sorts of sugary sweets. The likelihood of me baking all day is slim to none, so I'll take my weekends to bake away.

Over the weekend I made the most delicious tart...seriously it was to-die-for! I found the recipe here and am thinking that this coming weekend I'll be making homemade samoa bars.

The baking madness just can't be stopped!
{ps. I looked high and low for any type of red berries, but everywhere was out, next time though.}


  1. Oh, I am salivating! The nice weather here has been calling for a treat just like that.

    p.s. Sorry I never got to catch up with you while in UT. Between my possessive family and your trip to CA, time ran away. Rain check on a Cafe Rio lunch? xoxo

  2. Yum!

    Please please post the samoa bars! :)