Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waxy time.

Sometimes I wonder how I get through daily life with my constant clumsiness. I am always tripping, did it just a bit ago on my way to the bathroom with a co-worker behind me{awesome}.

Hitting my head or other body parts. The other day I hit my shin on the leg of my bed.

Or just having awkward moments.

Once while kissing a cute boy, he tickled me and I accidentally farted in front of him. I tried to pretend it didn't happen, but he was no dummie because he asked if I had farted. I of course laughed and looked at him like he was ridiculous and said absoloutly not and I would have denied that one to the grave.

Anywho my point in telling you all these incidents is that I struggle on a daily basis with not making a fool of myself.

A few weeks ago a friend wanted me to wax his eyebrows{mostly his uni-brow}. He came over, we got to talking and I put the wax in the microwave and lost track of time. I then hear my roommate say, "Bev something smells like it's burning out here!" I go out to find the wax had been boiling and overflown and it even melted the container it was in. Needless to say, I tweezed him that night.

Which leads me to my next waxing story, which also leads me to believe that I should no longer try waxing anyone or myself anymore.

On Saturday I was getting ready to go out. I bought new wax and was eager to get my brows all shaped up. I was on my bed with a mirror and the wax, bad combo already, I'm aware of this.

I take the applicator and go to put the wax above my top brow right as I feel it dribble down into my brow and past into my eye. I blinked at this moment and my eyelashes were stuck together.

Sheer panic at this moment.

If I were to rip it off I would be stuck with no eyelashes...uber attractive.

So I took a hot hot washcloth and stuck it on my eye in hopes of melting the wax and wiping off.

Naturally while in a state of panic the doorbell rings.

Curse words in my head.

It was my roomies mom, in from out of town, and the roomie was gone.


She asked if I had an accident, can't imagine why she'd think that with hair in a huge bun, sweats and a washcloth over my eye.

I explained my ridiculous run in with the wax and told her I was fine.

She was on her way and I was in the bathroom for 30 minutes trying to reopen my eyes. I got the wax off and I still have brows and eyelashes in tact.

The point of the story, I need not play with wax anymore, I clearly struggle.


  1. This would so happen to me.

    I'm glad you still have eyelashes. :)

  2. Ha! That is so funny! I'm sorry though!!!!

  3. I read this at work, and I laughed out loud. Obviously, I was not working.

    Clumsiness might be genetic, you know. I run into similar situations.

  4. I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite story of yours! ;)

  5. You haven't lived until you've waxed off a chunk of your eyebrow. That is fo sho.

    Hilarious stories! Simply hilarious!