Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Of My Favorite Weekends

I look forward to this weekend twice a year. It's General Conference weekend which means not only do I get to listen to the good word, I also get to stay in my pj's for two days and eat some comfort food.

I also plan on baking a bit, perhaps making some monkey bread and some apple cake. It's a full moon this weekend so I am taking advantage of it. I am going to do the Sundance full moon lift ride.

Do weekends get better than this? I think not.

PS. {I just bought my ticket to g0 here for Thanksgiving week, I can't wait!}


  1. SHUT UP! SERIOUSLY????? HAWAII????? (I don't mean shut up in like, a mean way- just a really, really, really, REALLY jealous way.) Think of me, Bev. Think of me while you're drinking margaritas on the beach. And I promise, I will think of you.

    So yeah- when are we getting together?

  2. Ahh, the good word, pj's, and monkey bread! Life doesn't get much better.

    Oh, yes, yes it does when one is going to HAWAII for Thanksgiving!!!! Sweet!!!

    I fly to SLC on the 8th! See you soon!