Monday, October 5, 2009

He Makes My Soul Happy

It's like good soul food. Hits the spot and never disappoints.  I have fallen in love with Mr. Lidell's rough voice and good beats.  Go ahead take a listen and before you know it you'll be tapping your feet.  Good music just does me right every time!

{I will say his dancing and mannerisms in this music video are a bit odd-but he's just feelin' the groove-can't blame a man for that!}


  1. It's like he's autistic in this video or something...

    but I love Jamie Lidell! Thanks for reminding me! I really liked What's the Use when it came out.

    Do you like James Morrison? I have a couple of my favorites on my playlist...

    And your moonlit lift ride looks so fun!

  2. wow! i love his voice! i am going to buy some of his stuff, i think! :)