Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

I don't usually write you letters complaining about single-hood because for the most part I do enjoy my life and the stage I am in.  I try to always live in the moment and make the best of what I have. I can honestly say I am happy.  I am not a bitter old maid, and since I don't like cats, that cliche won't ever be me...feew!  I even laugh off the older ladies that say, "Sweetie your time will come." I laugh it off because I think, "My goodness, my time is now, am I supposed to begin my time of happiness when marriage comes." That's just WRONG.  

Bear with me as I vent.  

There are times when I do have to ask myself a few questions.  Why is it that I continually attract the same type of guy?  The guy that has major baggage, used to be a bad boy, trying to reform or come back to church, shady type guy.  Or there's the other type I attract-the guy I am simply not attracted to.  At least the first type I am usually attracted to, but let's be honest-they are always bad news.  The second type has it together but there is no chemistry.


Chemistry is huge.  Without chemistry how can the rest be?  My single girlfriends and I have discussed how there is just an X-factor.  You know when you meet a guy when it is there and when it isn't.  You can't explain why you two tango so well-you just know it's there.

Tonight dear Universe I hope the next guy you send me won't be the same types I usually attract.  Or better yet, it'd be great if the next guy I was attracted to just had it together spiritually.  That's all I'm asking for.  If he has that and we have chemistry and he likes me back-we'll be golden-golden I tell ya!

Well enough about my little plea.  I know there are many other ladies in the universe with similar complaints and pleas-but if you could consider mine that'd be great.


Beverly Silvana Santamaria 


  1. Oh, Sil! I wish I had something valuable to say. You are too freakin' awesome to settle. You deserve chemistry, and you deserve worthiness. Everyone has hang-ups, but you need someone with a pure heart... and some hotness. (As if you didn't know.) I wish I could pull him out of my back pocket and place him on your doorstep. Sometimes having faith bites the big one. I just think you rock the hizzle.

  2. I love both this post and your friend Katrina's comment, to which I second.

    A friend introduced me to the "logs and sparks" theory. The logs are the important things like spirituality, direction, smarts, etc., and the sparks are the chemistry, attraction, and hotness. If you have sparks but no logs, the flame's gonna flicker and die. And without the sparks you just have a bunch of boring logs that just sit there. I'm so happy you're not settling for just one or the other.

    I hate cats, too. Yet another reason why we're friends.

    I'm pretty sure the Universe owes me a few favors. I'll see what I can do.

  3. Yeah, didn't you know that you're not supposed to be happy until marriage? Stop smiling. Stop living life. Stop everything! I catch myself wondering what the fetch the Universe is thinking. I'm glad I'm not the only one who vents at it.

    I like Em's theory. She always has impeccable insight on things like that.

  4. hahaha. you make me laugh. that was a great letter to the universe. amen and hope you get what you are asking for!!!