Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Purses and Luggage

What do these two things have in common? They carry all my crap that I seem to have quite a bit of! I absolutely love purses. Over the years I have accumulated too many. One of the reasons is because I have this odd habit. I feel the need to switch out purses with the seasons. I realize this could be an expensive habit, which is why I am a bargain shopper. It is Spring, or so the calender says. I have yet to really feel the Spring rewards this year, but I'm sure it's coming. I have not found my new Spring purse. This weekend I am going to San Francisco for a friends wedding. San Fran has fabulous shopping, so I am hoping to find my new purse. Now for the luggage. I don't know how to pack light when I travel, I never have. All of my friends whom I have traveled with can attest to this. I do try, but I have failed miserably most times. Since I leave tomorrow, my goal is to fit everything into my carry-on luggage. For my birthday my parents gave me this amazing Ogio carry-on piece. My brothers had raved about how much they loved their Ogio carry-on and insisted I should get one since I travel often. I used it in January and ALMOST fit everything into it. The problem was it was winter, and boots and heavy coats take up more space. So my goals this weekend are, one to find my dream Spring purse and two to fit everything into my carry on. I am sure I can manage these two measley tasks!


  1. Bev, you are hilarious. Everytime I read your posts I think, "Yes, Yes, YES!!!...Why didn't I hang out with her more often!?"

    Have fun purse hunting in San Fran! You have quite the difficult life! (Really though, fitting everything into one bag really IS difficult!)

  2. hey! did it work? and that's a good goal i think. We'll see if i can do something similar next time i go home...although it will be for almost a week so never mind.