Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter without my quirky family traditions would not be Easter. I have had friends join in on the Santamaria Easter before and I am sure they too have wondered why we do what we do. The answer is just because, there is no rhyme or reason behind it. Every year we get together at my Uncle Tito's house(yes that's his name, he is half Italian and wear's a gold chain)and we feast together. There is always ham, chicken, beef, an assortment of salads, breads, desserts, and anything else your tummy desires. Afterwards is the egg hunt. The kids and all of us adults go outside to watch the kids retrieve their eggs. After my cousins make sure that everyone has an equal amount of eggs we take pictures. We take pictures in my uncle's front yard in front of the tree. I don't know why we do this, but we do it every single year and have ever since I can remember. We take pictures of all the men, and then of all the ladies. Then we usually go for a walk around the neighborhood, come back and have dessert and that is Easter with the Santamaria's. This year was no different and next year will be the same.

My cute family minus Jolene, new baby Caia, Michael & Peter. Please note my dad's mustache that he has recently grown. Today I decided he looks like Mario from Nintendo. Dad please shave that ridiculous thing off, mom and I hate it!!


  1. I feel so lucky to have participated in the feast, egg hunt, picture and walk back in 2007!

  2. Carlo's mustache is hysterical- I'm thinking Luigi, maybe?

    Congrats on the cute new niece and new purse!

  3. You look amazing, Bev! And I love that you do this tradition with your family! I absolutely love it. :)

  4. Bev! I''m blog stalking you!