Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting through February

Around this time of year I'm counting down the 
days until warm weather is consistent and the
white stuff on the lawn is out of sight. Usually I try to 
have some sort of vacation planned to sunnier destinations, 
it helps so much.

So I've compiled a little list of things
I plan on doing this February to help lessen the blow
that it's still winter and we here in Utah have at least another 
two months of freezing temps.
{Taken while snowshoeing up Provo Canyon}

*The Winter Olympics start this Friday, which is always 
a fun thing to watch and get involved in.
*Snowshoeing - My fave way to enjoy the season for the fact it's a cheap, 
great way to explore my surroundings and an awesome workout.
*Bubble baths - I think nothing can transport you better than being able to relax
with some lit candles, music, and a warm bath.
*Reading books - In the summer I'm busy with bike riding, 
picnics, playing at the lake, so I hardly get any reading done. I'm currently 
reading The Book Thief and I'm loving it. Any good recs?
*Movie nights - Nothing better than some favorite snacks and a good movie.
*Museums - I love them year round, but for some reason I tend to go more
when there's no sunshine outside.
*Learning a new recipe. I am always up for a new recipe. So this month I plan on tackling that.

What are some of your favorite things to do to get you through the winter blues?
Please do share!


  1. i know it's nothing like utah, but coming from socal to sf i have literally not been cold since i got here last thursday! so ready to be warm again