Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thailand {Floating Villas & Erawan Falls}

After playing with elephants we drove
north about another 30 minutes and arrived
to another section of the River Kwai. When
booking our hotels we decided we wanted to splurge
and stay in a really nice place in the jungle. Upon looking at different
reviews we saw that the Float House River Kwai got
excellent reviews and was in our price range.

We arrived by long tail boat and were just in awe at how
enchanting this place was! We kept pinching ourselves
because the thought of staying in a lush jungle was cool enough,
add the fact that we got to stay on floating villas, I was ecstatic and giddy altogether!

Our rooms were breathtaking, every detail in the rooms was well thought out.
Our showers were located right outside our bedroom, with the ability to look up and see
the sky, since there was no roof,  so we could get the full jungle experience.

That night we lounged around, then went for a hike into the forest.
Afterwards we ate dinner and got ice-cream sundaes because
with a day like we'd had, it was worth celebrating.

The next day our guide took us to the much anticipated Erawan Falls.
If you plan on going to Thailand put this place on your must-do list.
It's a hike into the jungle with different waterfalls that you hike to along the path.
In total there are seven waterfalls that you can hike to. We decided we would
do all seven and it was worth it. The last waterfall is breathtaking and just beautiful.
We were allowed to swim in some of the natural made pools along the way. We decided to
jump into the pools on our way back down. There were 'doctor fish' that nibble on the dead skin.
That part freaked me out a bit, but all I could feel were little stings.
^^Our boat taxis that took us to our villa.
^^First sights of the villas.
^^Our bedroom.
^^Early morning gearing up for the hike to Erawan.
^^The view from the villas.
^^One of the first falls.
^^One of the many bathing pools.
^^The last waterfall!
Up next...back to Bangkok to the temples!


  1. wow! these pictures look absolutely surreal x

  2. Everyone I know is flocking to Thailand for vacation, and I can see why! It's a cheap and GORGEOUS paradise!

  3. Heavenly. I love the falls, but I really love the bungalow you stayed in! Glad you were safe from the fierce monkeys!