Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Elephant riding and the river Kwai.

After the floating market we drove north about another hour
to the Muang Sing Elephant Village. I was so excited to 
be so close to such beautiful animals. We first went to 
an elephant show where the elephant trainers showed
off the elephants and all the tricks they'd been taught.

Afterwards we got to ride the elephants around the village. You don't
realize how immense these animals are until you're on one, 
I also didn't realize how course their hair is and rough their skin is.
We had the opportunity to help bathe the elephants, but opted out
since we'd still be heading to the infamous bridge on the river Kwai and
having lunch nearby.

Our guide Mana, gave us a bit of the history of the bridge on the river Kwai.
I'd heard of the movie, but other than that I knew nothing.
Apparently the Burma Railway as it was called was built by the Japanese Empire
using POW's as their labor force during WWII.
Mana explained that many died building the railway
because of the route it took around some cliffs.
Among the POW's that died,
 there were Asians, British, Australians, Dutch and Americans.
We were supposed to take the train but we spent so much time at the elephant village
that we unfortunately missed out on the train ride, which I'd heard is spectacular.
Next time though!

We had lunch at a great restaurant on the river overlooking the bridge.  The food was
delicious, we had a buffet to choose from many traditional Thai dishes along with
a round table full of exotic fruits I'd never heard of or tried before. 
After lunch we were on the road again.
^^Getting ready to enter the elephant village. Can you tell I'm excited?
^^Hat tricks.
^^Annika getting picked up.
^^Perma-grin while riding this beauty.
^^Entrance to the restaurant. 
 ^^A smorgasbord of all the delish Thai food on one plate...heaven.
 ^^Lunch overlooking the bridge.
Next up: Floating bungalow's & hiking Erawan Falls.

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  1. I'm so jealous, it's always been my dream to ride an elephant! It must have been amazing!