Tuesday, January 14, 2014

As of late...

 photo B8DF5DC7-EFA4-4FA8-8B39-5F246F77A5C4.jpg photo 78C5FB26-DBE6-4AB6-996D-C73A6245E010.jpg
 photo 94381DF1-0290-4AA0-B4E8-425F3AD050CC.jpg photo 6A176717-4018-4059-8D7E-6B04AA775AAD.jpg
 photo 7F8D09B8-0B50-40D5-9839-1C732FE1FBFC.jpg photo 1ED478F2-7EAC-4DC1-9A5F-3BB66121294E.jpg
 photo 3BDECF49-54D3-4A00-AD68-A124A52B9E1A.jpg photo 2113A210-7F01-442E-9E4A-C37BE7604E82.jpg
 photo 29C22522-FABA-4A90-B75C-8B703FCC7794.jpg photo C5142A66-00E9-411B-A913-941977D0D0B5.jpg
1&2. Walks in the evening/Train ride views
3&4. Lunch at a new fave, Eva's/Birthday lunching with my brothers
5&6. Yearly reunion with old friends/On a walk with my cousin in the freezing cold
7&8. More snowy scenes/Pain au chocolate & chamomile tea for breakfast
9&10. Taking the niece & nephew for a ride/Man made ice castles some friends and I went to

It's my least favorite time of year, I really really dislike
this time of year, when the holidays are over and
I know I have the long stretch of cold winter months
ahead of me still.  But se-la-vie, I am trying to
keep creative and make the best of it
by playing in the snow, enjoying down time
indoors watching movies and spending time
with family and friends.

This too shall pass :)

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