Sunday, September 7, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was just what I needed, a mix of friends, family, 
getting away for a day, pool time, bbq's and a bit of shopping because I can't 
miss an opportunity for a good sale.

Early Saturday morning some girlfriends and I drove
to Wyoming for the Fort Bridger Rendezvous, you can read about it here. My friend Katie
is from Wyoming and her family has a tradition of having
loads of friends over to her parents house to eat delicious food prepared
by her mom who is an amazing cook and to then head over to the Rendezvous. This was my
third year going and it was just as fun and entertaining as I remembered in years past.

It's nice to just get away, even if for a day to the quiet country and have a minute to 
slow down and breathe it all in, which we did.
^^First corn-dog I've had in years, it was hand-dipped and delish!
On Monday we ended the end of summer and holiday weekend 
with a big bbq and pool party with my family.
We had a good time swimming and soaking up the sun before the
weather changes and we welcome the autumn weather, which
of course I'm also excited about!

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