Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Stay-cation

About a month ago my family had a weekend family reunion. We usually
go somewhere, but this year it just didn't pan out with babies, 
work schedules, etc. So instead of just canceling the whole event, 
we decided to have a stay-cation and make a weekend of it.

It actually ended up being a lot of fun. We went swimming to the water park, 
had a movie night with smore's around the fire for the first day. The second day
we went on a hike up Sundance, had lunch and then rode the ski lifts.

All in all I'd say it was a successful Santamaria family reunion.
I love spending time with these crazies I call family, I fit right in!
 ^^Baby Emmy
^^Sibling rivalry on the climbing wall.
 ^^Smore's around the fire.
 ^^My brother Mark and his son Odin, showed up as Superman ready for our hike!
 ^^Look at those mountains, simply breathtaking.
 ^^Mom and dad.
 ^^My sister-in-law,  a trooper to hike with her newborn.
 ^^My cute parents make me laugh. My dad showed up looking like he was 
going on a safari instead of a hike and my mom made her own fanny pack.
 ^^Stewart Falls.
 ^^Mom and I.
 ^^Dad after running under the falls.
 ^^The family, minus a couple who couldn't make it.
 Riding the ski lift.

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