Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring weather and all it entails.

{Typical Utah evening. See how there are dark clouds and then there is also sun shining through. I believe this evening there was rain coming down while the sun was shining. Which actually is spectacular to look at.}

Weather in Utah is special--in a, not so special, warm your heart, kind of way.

If you aren't familiar with Utah weather I will give you a brief explanation. There are days where it'll be beautiful. It'll be just the right temperature, warm, a cool breeze. It's just perfect. No humidity to drench your clothes, frizz your hair. It's great.

Then in one second. The temperature drops, there are snowflakes coming down and the black clouds hover over you.

This spring has not been any different. Remember my little plea to Mother Nature last year?

This brings up another point.

What should one wear during this exciting period of multiple personalities Mother Nature goes through?

I can't figure out if I still need to keep the boots, sweaters, scarves, gloves close by; or if I need to pull out all the spring attire?

This is how a week goes for me.

I get up, look out the window. I see my beloved sun, so I instantly pull out the lighter weight clothes.

Go throughout my day to then notice there is snow on the ground.

Not so awesome.

So then I freeze.

Tell me dear friends. What do you do to survive this madness??


  1. Just think of it being winter until June. That helps quell the disappointment of March through May. Seriously, spring in Utah is nothing but a big, fat, freaking tease.

  2. layers! that's how you do it. :) good luck figuring out how to layer though! :)