Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To just sit and laugh.

Tonight I found myself doing something I would not normally do. I went to see a comedian.

Brian Regan to be specific, at the beautiful and elegant Abravanel Hall. My good friend Suzanne had given me the ticket as a gift. I wasn't too sure what I was in store for. I knew it had to be good because Suz has great taste and because everyone I mentioned it to was saying how fun it would be.

I sat back and laughed for 2 hours while this funny and witty man was on stage making relatable jokes and had the most interesting facial expressions I had ever seen.

I love to laugh. I don't think I've met a person who doesn't love to just laugh.

Laughter makes everything in life better. Adds years to life, can make you forget your problems for a moment, and help alleviate pain.

I can't think of a quicker remedy to life's stresses, uncertainties, fears than to just laugh.


  1. Fun!

    I remember hearing all about Brian Regan from a bunch of Mormon friends and finally went to youtube and watched some of his stuff. He really is hilarious--to watch him describe a yoga workout was almost to much for me to bear.

  2. oh fun! i bet you had a great night. B.R. is hilarious. :) Glad that your first experience was live. that's pretty awesome.