Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Italy {Milan}

 The last time I'd been to Europe {8 years ago}we briefly stopped in Milan. 
It was so brief I didn't have the opportunity to see any of Milan
other than the train station. So it was nice that this time when we flew into Milan
we actually got to spend some time there. The even better part is that locals
showed us around their town. We walked around the touristy locations
with some non-touristy locations mixed in. My friend Pia introduced us
to the most delicious street food for which Milan is known for called
panzerotti, which are these yummy fritters stuffed with cheeses, veggies and ham.
I'd go back to Milan just for those alone, they were that good!
 ^^My sweet friend Pia whom I've known for over 20 years...time flies!
 ^^The family with Pia and friends.

 ^^My cute mom.
^^We were so happy to find a patch of lawn to lay and rest our tired feet.

Next up: Venice

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