Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Recipe's

With summer in full swing my mind is racing with all the fun things
I want to cross off my list. Lazy days at the pool, outdoor movies, 
tennis, and of course food plays a crucial role in the summer months.

I've rounded up some recipes I've tried and loved and seem to make every summer.
Teriyaki ChickenThis recipe is so easy and you can throw it all in a ziploc bag and marinade
it overnight and have it ready to grill on the BBQ. It's easy, delicious and you 
can make a big batch!
Fresh Broccoli Salad: I first tried this recipe at a cousin's BBQ and I was sold.
Crunchy, flavorful and I'm getting my healthy greens in for the day.  
This recipe calls for raisins and sliced almonds
but I like to switch it up with dried cranberries and chopped cashews.
You can get creative with your ingredients
and add sunflower seeds or any other nut or just omit the nuts altogether. 
 Fresh Pasta Salad: A cold pasta salad is always a hit at any BBQ. I love this recipe
and I will usually add some chopped up pepperoni because I like the spicy flavor
it adds. Either way thought it's a good pasta salad.
Fruit Tart: I love to bake with fruit that is in season. Fresh berries are always 
in abundance this time of year so it's nice to have some go-to recipes that
incorporate them. This recipe is delicious and not rocket science.
Fresh Strawberry Limeade: When the temperature's rise, my desire to have
a cool and refreshing drink also rise. Sometimes it's as simple as some mint leaves and squeezed
lemons or lime and some sugar and ice and other times on special occassions I get real
crazy and make this yummy limeade recipe.

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  1. I didn't realize you were still blogging! Thanks for sharing these recipes! (And all your photos of Italy have me swooning.)