Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Niece sleepover.

^^Delicious huevos rancheros.
^^My niece Sara who reminds me too much of myself in all senses.
^^The three amigas.
^^Farmers market.
I have my nieces for a sleepover at my place about twice a year.
They look forward to it and so do I.  We usually get pizza, watch some
sort of princess movie and then they stay up late giggling.

Ah to be a kid again.

  This past weekend we did the same traditions followed by a morning
of breakfast {joined by my brother and his wife} at our favorite local spot, and then we switched it up by
heading to the Farmers market in Provo.  The girls had fun picking out a little something
and soaking up the autumn air.
There were a few hiccups with the
girls but I'm thinking that's just life with kids...
it never goes according to plan.

But the beauty of being the aunt, I get to have fun with them
and then drop them off at their mom and dads.

It's a win/win in my book!


  1. Beautiful photos of some beautiful girls! Love you all a bunch! Glad to see you're enjoying some sunny fall weather!

  2. they are too adorable!! I love hanging with my nieces :)

  3. looks like a wonderful fall day!
    thanks for stopping by my blog bev :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  4. I just stumbled across your blog- hello!
    Those huevos look amazing! What a cute family you have! :)


  5. how lovely ! they have such beautiful big eyes ! I miss my niece, she comes back from france in a couple of weeks, yay!