Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand {part I}

I fell head over heels for southern Thailand.
It is by far one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

It was our first stop on our two week journey and it was
just what we needed after traveling for over 26 hours via plane, 
getting some quick shut-eye in Bangkok after arriving {about 5 hours}, 
hopping on another plane to Phuket, then taking a two hour ferry, 
then another long tail boat to finally arrive at our resort.

We were so so tired and were ready to be pampered.  The next
five days we spent them laying on the beach, ordering yummy tropical drinks poolside, 
getting Thai massages,  and exploring the islands that surrounded us.
We stayed on Ko Phi Phi Don, on the quieter side of the island, which suited me just fine.

We hired a long-tail boat man to take us to the surrounding islands.
We snorkeled near the beautiful Mosquito island and were
planning to explore and snorkel on Bamboo island, but
clutsy me stubbed my big toe pretty bad on some white coral {it blended with the sand}, 
so we spent most of our time there just relaxing on the beach.

The next day we were excited to see the infamous Maya Bay which is 
on the uninhabited island of Ko Phi Phi Leh--also a national forrest.  
Our boatman suggested getting an early start, 7 am, to avoid the tourists.  
Best idea ever because sure enough we got some
time away from the crowds before they started arriving.

I loved exploring the islands and seeing the unique things each one had...
including Monkey island inhabited only by monkeys that are so 
accustomed to tourists that they steal your food when given the chance.
 ^^I was smitten with the long-tail boats.
 ^^Our view from breakfast.
 ^^My staple for breakfast in the mornings while there.

 ^^Bamboo Island.
^^The locals put on the coolest fire show.
^^Maya Bay


  1. so Thailand has been on my list of places to go in my life - these pictures just confirmed I need to go! No way around it, I have to make it there. When I start planning my trip you will have to give me some good recommendations!

    Have a great weekend!

    xx Alecia

  2. Wow! This place is a great spot to visit. i've always loved visiting islands and this one is magnificent. I hope I could set foot here too!