Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Air show downpour...

I was super excited to go to the air show 
on Saturday, because I'd heard
how great it was.

I'm a dork and thought that a cute 
bomber jacket would
be appropriate
for the occasion.

I brought a poncho just in case it rained.
To say it rained was an understatement.

We were eagerly waiting to go through security 
and when we went through, literally a few
minutes later it felt like someone with bucket of water
poured it over our heads. The wind was blowing and
I was trying to get my poncho on.

I had one guy holding my blanket and the other
guy trying to put my poncho on me,
to only have my head stuck.

Obviously the bomber jacket and my fashion
went down the tubes quickly.

Nonetheless we had a great time, went out for some
southern bbq and then watched the 
thunderbirds show off they're skills.

I'd love to say I'll be back next year, but they don't come
around every year, we found out it's every three years.

So if I'm around, I'm thinking I'll give the air show another go.


  1. Love design, amazing blog :) If you want to follow each other...just tell me:X


  2. I have always wanted to see an air show! I love, love that you wore a bomber jacket! So appropriate (even with the rain). ...Bev, who is that cute boy? Hopefully you are dating him and he is not, like, a cousin or something. ;)