Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Pick-me Up

I was perusing through
family photos the other day 
and came across
this blessed gem of a photo
of my dad, his siblings and my nonna.

I was laughing and still
can't stop laughing when I look at it
because this photo describes 
their personalities impeccably.

In order from left to right:

Uncle Tito: He was the rico suave type, still is, 
as you can see by his open shirt and crazy pants.

Nonna:  My grams, and she has the look
that all mom's do of 'behave yourself or else!'

Aunt Nina: Always the fashionable one, 
who is a know-it-all, and likes to be in charge.

Aunt Carolina: Wearing a party hat 
describes her perfectly as she loves to entertain
and make sure everyone is having fun.

My dad:  Yep, from the mustache, to the hand on his hips, 
and a bit of a slouch, he's the kinda cooky and easy going one.

Ah good times & good memories!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my holy hell, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen!