Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of those weeks...

It's been a week, 
one of those weeks where
I'd just like to hibernate because
I think it'd be easier, 
way easier.

For starters my car got hit, 
a hit and run, 
I wasn't even in my car.
I was at dinner, & when I came out, 
bam there it was, it'd been hit.
I can't believe how inconsiderate people are.

I went to spin class the other day after work
on a day I don't usually go.
I'm pretty sure I was biking next to the plastics from  the movie The Mean Girls.
They were beyond mean to the substitute, 
would make snide remarks and 
negativity was seething from their pores.
I couldn't handle it anymore so I got up and left
10 minutes early, while walking out I heard them laughing
and saying I couldn't handle the class, which I wanted 
to turn around and say, 'I can't handle your high school meanness!'
But not worth my time or energy, I believe in karma.
What goes up, must come down right?

Then to top it off this week I lost 
my favorite earrings yesterday.

 I realize there are way bigger problems in the world then 
my meager issues or crappy weeks, 
but sometimes they do feel big and you just want to hide out in your 
home till the bad week ends.
The upside, I believe all bad things happen in 3's, 
so I'm thinking I'm done...knock on wood!

Also on the upside, I saw this video and absolutely loved it!
Have I ever mentioned that before I die, my goal is to see all the continents of the earth?
I've got 3 down, 4 more to go.
Good thing I have a lifetime to do it versus how these guys did it.


  1. Sorry about all the crappy stuff this week. I think we should get tattoos tomorrow night. They could say, "mean girls suck".

  2. Someone give me a ton of money and I'll make a video of me traveling around the world, too! Bev, let's get some sponsors and get on that...

  3. Trust me i'd be on that in a heartbeat, i've been looking for a job that pays me to travel the globe!