Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Green Mornings

Lately I've really been loving
this green breakfast I've been having.
It's nothing special, 
but it has all the nutrients I need, 
it's fast preperation,
which I need
because every morning
I run late, 
and it fills me up.

The green smoothie recipe is here.
As for the toast and avocado, 
it's easy as can be.
1 piece whole wheat toast
avocado mashed up
a titch of lemon or lime juice {keeps your avocado fresh}
and some salt.

Really you can get creative with both things, 
as far as what you put in them.
It's a great breakfast and
it's all about 300 calories total.

Not a shabby way to start my day!


  1. I love sneaking in spinach in our morning smoothies. My kids can't taste the difference. If only I could get them to like avocado...that's okay because it's all for ME!

  2. That avocado mixture is also amazing when eaten with pears. That all looks so yummy!