Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday my teacher mistook me for an 'Asian'.

Her words:

"Today I started to review your final with the wrong girl. I thought it was you. She had your same hair color, same build and was Asian like you."

I tried with all my might to not laugh. I didn't correct her in telling her that I wasn't Asian. I couldn't muster the words.

It's all good though. No offense taken on my part. I think Asian's are lovely.

I will just put that on my list of ethnicities I have been mistaken for.


  1. Oh you sweet Asian, you! I laughed and laughed at this one!! I don't know what it is with us Latinas...we can't just be Latina.

    I think I've gotten everything from Indian to Italian to who knows what else, and my dear sister is listed in the state of Utah as being African American, thanks to some officer who pulled her over once.

    I am shaking my head at all these situations. Some people...bless their dear dear dear souls. I kinda love'em, I think.

  2. ha! that's awesome. i get mistaken for something else all the time. i swear no one on the east coast knows what a Polynesian is. :)