Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I need more hours in the day!!

Yes I know you are all thinking the exact same thing, you all want those blessed hours just as much as I do.  It's 11:55 as I write this post and I am going through my day thinking to myself, "Did I get everything done I needed to?  What did I do today?"

Well I will give you an idea.  

I woke up late, this is no shocker.  I am alway running late...typical latina chica here!

I realized I had a meeting I had to get to.  So I ran into the shower.  I hate taking fast showers.  I think showers should be a long and relaxing process.  I hurried so fast I don't think I shaved my legs properly, meaning there are spots with hair-not attractive.  While getting ready the boss called to remind me that we had a meeting.  She knows me all too well to be calling to remind me to be on time.  I assured her I was hurrying.  

Luckily the lights were all green on University Avenue.  It was lovely! I was making good time and for once this week NPR was not blabbing about Obama's health care reform.

Made it to the meeting, a bit late of course.

Work was good.

After work I went to my madre's for dinner because I wasn't in the mood to cook.  Such a shameful confession.  But the parentals house is on my way home.  On nights where I just want to be taken care of I go home to Marta's splendid cooking.

I then watched my brother Michael show me his new breakdancing moves.  That was just good entertainment.

Worked out

Grey's Anatomy premiered tonight.  I was loving that it was 2 hours long.  But so sad George died.

Now I am home.  Looking at my room.  The pile of clean clothes not put away.  The post-it notes that have my to-do lists on them that have not been checked off.  

This is life.

I need more hours in the day, but that ain't happening.  I need to manage my time better.  Become less easily distracted and probably blog less.  

It is now 12:21.

Tomorrow is a new day, I'll keep trying to get better at this lovely thing called life.

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  1. I love this and I love you. I am late all the time and now I know where the blame lies--my Latina heritage. It fits because my sister is always late too. She is also a Latina chica.

    Amen on the hatred of short showers. That's always my downfall. I mean for them to be short--especially when I'm in a hurry--but I just can't rush them. I get in the water and....whoops...lost track of time...

    Love this post.