Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Save A Horse, Ride A...

{Those are some very pricey cowboy boots}

{San Antonio Temple}

{The famous Alamo}

{San Antonio river walk-very quant and charming}

{We were awaiting the bat show-bats fly out every evening around 8 pm and the crowds gather to watch.}

{We were driving on the highway and I insisted Leyah stop so I could snap a pic, it looked so southern and surreal, I just had to stop.}

Last weekend I went to Texas for the first time. Everyone has asked me, why Texas? Well there is no particular reason other than me and a couple girlfriends had never been there and thought, why not Texas? So to Texas we went. It was a fun filled adventure. We went to Austin and San Antonio. I really liked the feel of Austin, very eclectic mixed with a bit of country and indie music. Here's the readers digest version and highlights of what we did on the trip:

*I discovered the most divine brownie dessert at this fun place in downtown Austin-warm brownies, toffee, vanilla bean ice-cream, fudge sauce and rum sauce!
*We went to a cowboy boot store where boots were priced around $300-600, that's just robbery.
*Walked the well known 6th street but ended up having fun on another street in a quiet Jazz bar.
*Did the San Antonio scene, The Alamo, the river walk, got serenaded to by a mariachi band-that was fun!
*Went to Bess Bistro-Sandra Bullock's restaurant. Food was good-our server was a jerk.
*I always knew I didn't like Country music-but after being with two lovely Country music lovers and listening to it in the car for 4 days, I am positive that I really really dislike Country music. It is like nails on the chalkboard for me. I cannot stand it. Leyah says I haven't let it speak to my soul yet. But I rebuttal that I can't relate to tractors, big trucks, farming life and beer drinking fun.
*The saying that everything in Texas is bigger really seemed to be true. It seemed that all the portion sizes of food were huge and our drinks were big as well. I was loving it because they didn't have to refill my diet coke as often.


  1. Bev, that sounds like so much fun! I've driven through Texas but have never spent anytime there! I'm mainly tempted to go for that dessert. Holy cow, that sounds SO good!!!! I'm glad you had a good time! Where is the next Bev adventure taking us??!

  2. WHERE did you get that dress?!?! I LOVE it.

    And I also love the shirt with the the panda.

    You'll have to tell me where you ate that yummy dessert so I can find it when we go to Austin.

  3. I really want to go to Texas now! What a fun vacay :)
    And cowboy boots are way overrated, so you're best to steer clear away from them.

  4. Ooo, looks so fun. I haven't been to Texas since high school. What a shame!

    I'm so glad you hate country music. It really does suck. I mean, really. It does.

  5. ha! it looks like you had a fun time. and i love picture posts. it looks gorgeous there! and i'm sorry that you now despise country....sad day. :)