Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Just 'Stuff' But I Missed It!

This past weekend I moved into my new place. Ashlee and I painted my room this lovely color and by Saturday I was moving all my stuff in. I have missed all of my furniture, it has been sitting in storage collecting dust for months and alas it has found a home, thank goodness! I was determined to get my room set up and done on Saturday; seeing that my schedule is hectic lately and I knew it would not get done during the weekday. Here are some pics of my room, I'm quite proud of the results and it is oh-so-nice to be sleeping back in my bed again! Thanks Ash for your help this weekend!

{Thanks to Ash again, for this desk and chair.}

{Please note all the jewelry. It is ridiculous, I need to stop the obsession. When I do clean it out if there are any takers for some jewelry let me know, it's yours!}


  1. Count me in as a potential taker. You possess one of the best jewelry collections I know!

  2. i love your new set up. very cute. glad you got all moved in too. and don't worry about the obsession. it's fine. :) but i can help with that jewelry cleaning out too! :)

  3. count me in sista! your new room is very cute! anytime you want to pass some jewelry my way, you just let me know!!! :)