Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden State Recap

I leave Jersey tomorrow to head back to Utah. It has been a great trip! I have had a fun time relaxing with family and friends. It was a house full of women all week and we had fun just barbecuing, watching movies, making smore's in the fire pitt in the backyard, going to the shore and venturing into Manhattan. Some other highlights of the trip were helping my aunt with her yard sale on Friday. We had so much fun sitting outside getting sun and negotiating prices with all the interesting people that stopped by. Monday was a great day as well! I went biking around the city with my friend Jeff and my new friend Dixie. The three of us enjoyed the beautiful weather and just biking around the Hudson. I had been itching to get some shopping done in the city. So after biking Malia and I made sure to get a bit of essential shopping done. I didn't get much, but I did find some good buys indeed. Last but not least I am so grateful I got to spend time with my Grandma. Even though I had to continue to remind her who I was; this trip was something I will always remember. Let's just say her and I ended on a good note, and for that I am thrilled! Until next time Jersey!
{My Nonna}
{Perkins cousins}
{I am proud of my parking job in NYC}
{George Washington Bridge}
{Sea Girt shore}
{Biking in the city}
{After a long day of biking and shopping, I was tired!}


  1. Ahh, the George Washington bridge! Love it.

  2. You know I envy your trip. I'm still waiting for Andrew to take me to my well deserved trip to NYC.
    I see you went to H&M...all that biking was well worth the trip, eh?