Friday, March 13, 2015

Banana Ice-Cream?

I've been trying to cut out some of the sugar intake in my life, 
it was a little out of control and I realized it was time to hone it in.
So I've been trying to find healthier treats that aren't chuck full of sugar
and other ingredients I can't even pretend to pronounce.

I've been seeing the one ingredient ice-cream all over social media, using 
bananas. You simply freeze ripe banana's and then using your food processor 
make them smooth and creamy and since they're frozen it has the consistency of ice-cream...

While reading Cup of Jo, I saw that she had a bunch of variations on there
from adding nutella to peanut butter, to orange juice and strawberries. 
I think you can get as creative as you want to get with this idea 
and have some fun and tasty variations.

Here's the link to her website with all the variations and the recipe on
how to make the one ingredient ice-cream.

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  1. Banana ice cream is delicious. I just discovered it recently too.