Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As of late...

 photo 9C7F2757-51C7-449E-93DB-6F3E2450EEAC.jpg photo F03CBC55-C773-432A-8F11-C0980B9E4D63.jpg
 photo 7A0C0E33-A776-48CD-BC89-9591AE2FE803.jpg photo 96556EAC-DE2F-4D9C-8886-DFB1D0645733.jpg
 photo 3925ED8C-077D-4074-B777-935C84138F26.jpg photo C3086D14-E5F0-433C-8143-95F6752225E2.jpg
 photo E14C2201-F9B5-4D01-AD1B-ADA411471B30.jpg photo 41B23680-8219-4897-AED6-2356D0CBA34B.jpg
 photo 5F52E692-CF73-4746-85B6-39CE3622919F.jpg photo 7BF2E357-4523-4084-BA4E-6DFC83C86675.jpg
I can't believe summer is coming to an end! Does anyone else feel like you blinked
and now autumn is creeping its way in on us? The good thing is I love autumn, so I'll
take it, but I have been relishing in the summer weather. I'm planning on soaking up
the last bit of summer with family, friends, the pool and a good book.

Here's some recent photo's from my instagram that have captured my life as of late.
1 & 2. Went to a friends cabin at Fish Lake
3 & 4. Boating with friends/Evening walks lit by the sunset
5 & 6. My brother and his wife got sealed in the LDS temple/Utah Symphony concert at Deer Valley
7 & 8. Hiking up by Sundance/The wind blew my dress up in a parking lot, embarrassing much?
9 & 10. Favorite summer meal: caprese salad/Suggles with my nephew

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