Friday, November 8, 2013

Hong Kong {part II}

We were only in Hong Kong for a few days
and we wanted to take advantage of all
the culture and beauty that Hong Kong offered.

I'd heard how beautiful the Big Buddha or
Tian Tan Buddha was
so we decided it was a must see.

Unfortunately for us the tram was being repaired so we didn't
get to ride up and see the awesome views to get to the Buddha.
After waiting  in a line for the 'blue taxi's' for nearly an hour in the
hot and humid heat we decided to take the crowded bus up the
very windy and narrow streets to the top of the mountain.

Once we got out we thought we'd need to walk
to see the infamous Buddha, and then we turned to
our right and saw Buddha in all his glory...he was huge.

It was beautiful at the top of that mountain,
the views were amazing, the heat and humidity, not so much.
Especially while walking up those stairs to the top where Buddha was.
I'd worn a long cotton maxi-skirt that clung to me and trapped the heat in...
ugh what was I thinking!?

But nonetheless it was an amazing experience to see this beautiful statue
and to see so many people from all over the world taking in the beauty as well.
^^Getting ready to climb all those steps.
^^We decided it looked like scenes from the Disney movie Mulan...we Americans always comparing 
everything to movies we've seen!
^^After walking and sweating, crepes with ice-cream were a necessity.
Next up...10,000 Buddhas and fake scam artist monks!

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