Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hong Kong, our last day.

Our last day in Hong Kong I wanted to just take in all the 
culture and beauty around me, so I made to sure to take
more photos of my surroundings.

That day we decided to go see the Ten Thousand Buddha's Monastery.
A man by the name of Yuet Kai who was a devout Buddhist dedicated
the last years of his life constructing the elaborate temple.

Side note: Before we walked into the monastery 
some Monks literally attacked us with putting
bracelets on our wrists and 'blessing' us.
We thought they were real, we quickly
realized they were scam monks and 
walked away...sneaky guys!
So if you ever go, and encounter monks 
at the entrance they're not the real deal ( ;

It was fun to see all the different facial expressions each Buddha had.
We had a good time posing and trying to mimic each face.
While we were up there admiring the many Buddha's we noticed
the commotion in one corner.  We went to see what all the fuss
was about and noticed monkeys in a small group.
It was crazy! They were all over the place.

After the Monastery we had some time to kill before our 
flight that evening so we went on a hunt for some Dim Sum.
To be honest I can't even remember the name of the place
we went to, but it had awesome reviews so we tried it.
It was delicious, I just wished we'd have been with a
local to give us some better pointers on what to get.

Hong Kong was an awesome city, with luxurious
malls, delicious pastries, great jade markets and full
of so many cultures...a true melting pot.

I hope to make it back someday with a bit more time to explore!
^^Loved the contrast of old and new in HK.
^^Annika making an impressive impersonation.
^^Look flying monkeys!!
^^Dim Sum!
From Honk Kong we flew back to Thailand
for more fun with elephants and floating markets.
More on that later!

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  1. One of my favorite cities! Did you get a chance to try mango ice at any point? One of my favorite treats!