Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peter & Andrea's Wedding

I have twin brothers and they are the babies of the family.
The youngest of the twins, Peter got married a couple weeks ago.
It was a beautiful ceremony and dinner at the lovely Ghidotti's restaurant in Park City.

I'm happy for Peter and his new bride Andrea,
I wish them all the best in their beautiful life they'll be creating together!

And now some pictures from the fabulous event.
 photo photo-2.jpg
 photo IMG_2034.jpg
The other twin, Michael and my dad {and my cousin photobombing in the back, naturally}
 photo IMG_2033.jpg
 photo IMG_2039.jpg
 photo IMG_2050-1.jpg
My oldest brother Gianni made their cake from scratch with a nutella/cream filling, best wedding cake I've had yet to this day.
 photo IMG_2051.jpg
 photo IMG_2063.jpg
The whole brood of us...getting us all to look at the same time was a task.
 photo IMG_2079.jpg
All of us siblings.
 photo IMG_2090.jpg photo IMG_2097.jpg
 photo IMG_2094.jpg
The twins, these two are attached at the hip, always!
 photo IMG_2099.jpg
 photo IMG_2103.jpg
My parents, they are the cutest.
 photo IMG_2111.jpg
 photo IMG_2119.jpg
My brother Mark in the middle of some hilarious story of course.
 photo IMG_2120.jpg
More lovely cousins.
 photo IMG_2125.jpg
 photo IMG_2130.jpg
 photo IMG_2135.jpg
 photo IMG_2140.jpg
 photo IMG_2156.jpg
Mom with my sister-in-laws.
 photo IMG_2159.jpg photo IMG_2161.jpg
 photo IMG_2166.jpg
 photo IMG_2171.jpg
And off they go!

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