Thursday, April 4, 2013


Some pics from Easter Sunday.
Not only am I grateful for my Savior and his resurrection but also
for family traditions that have us gathered around eating
ham and all the other traditional foods, watching the
kids trying to find easter eggs and our traditional photos in
front of the 'tree'.

Hope everyone's Easter was wonderful!
 photo IMG_1920.jpg
 photo IMG_1928.jpg
 photo IMG_1930.jpg
 photo IMG_1934.jpg
 photo IMG_1939.jpg
 photo IMG_1942.jpg
 photo IMG_1946.jpg
 photo IMG_1953.jpg photo IMG_1958.jpg
 photo IMG_1961.jpg
 photo IMG_1963.jpg
 photo IMG_1970.jpg
 photo IMG_1997.jpg
 photo IMG_1999.jpg photo IMG_2005.jpg

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  1. Did the family color coordinate on purpose? Check out all those mint greens and corals!